Before I Turn 19…

So almost in a month, I will become 19.  That is just 5 years more than when this picture was taken.  That is just 1 year closer to 20, and turning 20 just sounds like such a mile stone.

So before the end of May, here are some things that I wish to fulfill…

1. Go to Crumbs Cupcake and Magnolia Cupcake.  I have this deep desire since last year to go to all the amazing cupcake places in Los Angeles.  My friend Alex said she will go with me and so Crumbs and Magnolia are on the top of my list because they are the “elite” cupcake places, yet I also want to go to lesser known places such as Auntie Ems and SusieCakes.  I will have a post about that later on and a description of each type of cupcake.

2. Lose 7 pounds.  This one is just for myself, and to know that I control my weight and that my weight does not control me.  I am an emotional eater and I feel that gained unnecessary weight these last two years and I need to make a change.  I can and I will not let my cravings get to me.

3. Secure a summer job.  This summer will be my summer of fun before I have to start interning and what not.  I want to work at a fun place where I get to meet a lot of people and not sit on butt all day.  Hopefully, I would love to work somewhere that is bustling with energy and people, like a bar, where I can get tips!

4. Go to a psychic reading.  I am curious about my future, or cough cough my love life cough cough.


5. Make a meal for myself.  Last time I made something for myself was this pasta and crepe.  I am thinking about going home next weekend and making some delicious healthy meal that I invent, and I will also make a chocolate banana gyoza, so I will let you know how that works out.

So before May, here are my check points.  Let’s make the rest of April count.


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