Direction in Life

So I was just catching up on some reality TV, and this girl was saying how she would be lying if her mom doesn’t have an influence over her life because her mom does not like her boyfriend.  So this girl confessed that she never even thought about marriage to this guy because her mom did not approve.  And then her friend said something so important that even caught my attention and made me think.

“We can’t let anyone’s opinion influence our lives, because then it’s not our lives.”

I have this desire to peruse architecture and study more of the arts and continue sketching, but my mom doesn’t want me to be an architect and wants me to continue studying business or law.  But this is my life, and I want to be happy living my life.  Will I be happy as a business women?  Will I be successful?  Will I regret architecture?

But this quote is true.  I have to live my own life and I have to make my own decisions and choices.  I can’t go on living on other people’s decisions.

Even on the trashiest of networks, we can learn something.


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