Week of Worthy Foods in Los Angeles

Since I am blessed to live close to school, my parents do occasionally take me out to eat around Los Angeles, and I am able to vicariously eat at places besides (*gasp*) the dining hall.

Wolfgang Puck Express:  I went to Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade, and as I was about to give in to my daily cravings of sushi (because of it’s low calorie deliciousness), I just caved in to get some pizza.  Mom is obsessed with Wolfgang Puck Express, so I decided to try their BBQ chicken pizza.  So first of all, Wolfgang Puck Express has happy hour from 2-7 (I think that was the times) and their pizza is only $5.50!  For such a fancy restaurant (yes, I know it is express) it is so cheap.  The pizza was delicious because it wasn’t so oily and as I was eating, it did not seem like I was gaining 50lbs.  If you are just dying for some pizza, I highly suggest to go here because it is definitely worth every bite.  Eat out on the deck on the second floor and watch passerby’s while eating this yummy pizza.

Coral Tree Cafe: I went to Brentwood to eat at Tavern, but it was closed for lunch at 2:30 when I got there, so I ended up going here with my dad instead.  The atmosphere was extremely warm with a very homey vibe and it was packed with people that made this place bustling in a good type of way.  I ordered the steak panini (because I love paninis but my school’s paninis is just filled with way too much cheese, oil, and butter) so I wanted a panini with a little less ‘oomf.’  The food was not spectacular but it was okay.  The first bites were very good, but I think it was more because of my hunger rather than the deliciousness.  Perhaps I shall order the pancakes next time because those looked pretty tasty.

Tavern: I recently read that the one of the top US’s best french fries is here in Los Angeles, so of course I wanted to try it out.  But I was unlucky enough that it closed from 2:30-3 so I couldn’t try their fries, but I was not going to just give up.  So I bought its chocolate chunk cookie (I’m a sucker for those) and look how delicious this looks.  They weren’t just chocolate chips, but big chunks of chocolate and it was absolutely amazing.  Honestly, one of the best I have ever had and for $2 and a nice size.  My dad got the apricot scone ($4), because he is a scone person as well as an apricot man.  It had bits of pistachio in it and it was such an interesting texture and a lovely color.  It was not even half as good as my cookie, but it was a very lovely looking scone. 

So next next weekend (when my dad comes again) I will have eat again at Tavern, because it is a very well decorated and great looking place to eat.  The cashier I talked to was extremely friendly and I will let you guys know how my french fries tastes.


With love,



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