Fabulous Tips to Lose Weight (Not found in Magazines)

I have lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks, and I thought I would share some of my tips.  I still eat around 2000 calories a day and I do binge eat some days no matter how hard I try not to.  We all know the regular boring tips to lose weight that every fitness magazines gives us and it’s always the same (don’t eat after 9PM, do cardio, take the stairs not the elevator, etc) but here are some of my personal tips that I have realized these past weeks.

1. Make a checklist for yourself.  There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you get after you check something off a list.  Then the next week, you can push yourself even harder, or take it slower.  As you can see, I rather eat actual meals than rabbit food (salad), so instead of having 4 salads, I would aim to have 3 salads this week.  Make sure to make the checklist on a big piece of paper and make it colorful so you feel excited about your checklist.  This week, I added squats too!

2. For snacking, eat carrots and humus!! These carrots are 8 for only 35 calories!!! So before you grab those chips, eat some carrots and your favorite dip (mine is garlic hummus) and begin to munch.  I bought the carrots and hummus both at Trader Joes for a total of $4.  Put only a teensy bit of hummus on each carrot and stop eating when you feel satisfied.  If you still crave those other snacks, go for it because most likely you will only eat a little bit because the carrots make you full.  And if you are not hungry after the carrots, congratulations!! You just saved yourself some unwanted calories and belly fat.  🙂

3. SUBSTITUTION.  Substitute Stevia instead of sugar.  Substitute apple sauce instead of oil.  Stevia is a great purchase.  Look online for specific conversions of Stevia for sugar.  I love putting in half a packet of Stevia in my smoothies for that extra sweetness, and with no extra calories.  Or, my mom makes banana bread from the Trader Joes mix and instead of adding that 1/4 of an oil, my mom doesn’t even add that and puts in smashed bananas and chocolate chips and it tastes even more delicious than any bread with oil.

4. Make a great playlist.  I love having the feeling of new songs on my iPod and running on the treadmill or doing weights thinking that I am in this music video and I have the starring role as a sexy vixen.  So every week, I take some time to search for new music.  Whether it is pop or Dubstep or country, any new fabulous song gets me excited to go to the gym.   Maybe I even stumble upon some old jams from the 90s on Youtube.  Anyways, here are my new songs that I downloaded for this week, and as you can tell I have everything from fast paced running, to hardcore weight training, to relaxing stretching music.  The key is to be eclectic and as spontaneous with your music.

5. Buy cravings each day!  Instead of buying a big bag of Doritos or those Oreos that come in that wonderful bright blue packaging that you just want to rip open, buy a treat every day for yourself.  Yes, this may be more expensive but in the outcome, you will see how many calories you will save.  When I seem to buy that box of WheatThins, it seems to be gone in less than 2 days because I know it is sitting in the kitchen and one handful leads to six, or lets be honest, more like ten.  But when you actually buy your treats daily, you can only eat it only once.  For example, buy the tofu chocolate pudding from Whole Foods, or get a canoli or small cupcake (79cents!!) from their bakery section, or go to Yogurtland and get some froyo, or go share a nutella crepe with a friend.  Tuesday, I had half a lemon poppy seed scone (250 calories) with earl grey tea and on Wednesday I asked for only half of mango sorbet (300 calories), way better indulgence then binging on the whole tin of Pringles.  This way, you get to be more spontaneous with your snacks and you get such a variety of desserts and snacks.  Let’s pretend to be more European and eat more wholesome foods rather than packaged snacks, yes?  Skip that container of Ben & Jerrys or those Milano cookies, and go explore your town and search for greater desserts!

Good luck with the weight loss, and remember that we are all in this together.




7 responses to “Fabulous Tips to Lose Weight (Not found in Magazines)

  1. Thanks for stopping by to my site. I love these suggestions. In fact these are some of the same ones i use for myself. Speaking of play lists have you tried rockmyrun.com? Go check it out. Oh and that banana bread your mom makes sounds soo delicious! I would love the recipe.

  2. Oh yeah one more thing, I’m a firm believer in portion control. Which, just like your suggestions, I buy a small treat a day. That way I don’t feel deprived and won’t binge later on. 🙂

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