Westwood: The Place to Visit in Los Angeles

Whether you are a tourist in Los Angeles, or are stopping by to see a friend at UCLA, here are some recommendations when you are in this wonderful city called Westwood squished in between BelAir and Beverly Hills.

Diddy Riese:  So in Westwood there is a little tiny place called Diddy Riese.  Now you may just pass by it, but this place has the most delicious, sweetest cookies in the world.  If you like melt in your mouth, diabetes worthy sweets, then this is your place.  They have shaved iced and brownies, but people come here for the cookies.  Now if you are a cookieholic like me, then this is the place to go.  Now here is the best part.  Wait for it, a cookie sandwich is only $1.75.  Yup, that’s right.  You receive 2 cookies (anything from chocolate chip to white chocolate macadamia nut to sugar) and a scoop of ice cream.  If this isn’t absolutely delicious, I don’t know what is.  My favorite is chocolate chip and sugar cookie with the vanilla (or sometimes mint chip) ice cream.  Please, whether you have tons of children or are a teenager or you are fifty years old, this is honestly one of the top places you must go to before you die because of its cheapness and sweetness in every bite.

Gushi:  Although it is an outside eating area with plastic chairs, please don’t be too posh to eat here.  This is one of the best Korean Kalbi ribs for less than $10, which is honestly a good deal.  If you are deciding to get the noodles, you might as well go to another place.  But if you decide to get the bulgogi or the Korean ribs (which I highly suggest), then this is the place for you.  The food is mouthwatering and absolutely tasty.  A definite must go to for a very casual lunch during the week.

Sushi:  Now there are 3 different sushi restaurants in Westwood.  Ami’s, Yamato, and Tomodachi.  Ami has horrible service but the sushi is pretty good.  Yamato is the most expensive and very trendy and popular for date night.  So for lunch, I would suggest going to Tomodachi for its lowkey experience, and if you want that trendy experience, then I suggest either Ami’s or Yamato.  But as a sushi connoisseur, none of these sushi places are extremely noteworthy.

Stan’s Donuts: Apparently these are one of the best donuts, because these are baked.  Whatever difference that makes. So I decided to go today, and there was a regular selection and opted for the chocolate chip donut.  I went around 4PM, so the donuts were not as warm and soft and gooey as I expected.  They were okay, and I was kind of disappointed.  For all the hype, it was a typical donut.  Perhaps more like a muffin, but not spectacular.

Rocket Fizz Candy Store:  I almost thought these places went extinct after people only started buying candy at the gas stations or by the cash registers at the grocery store.  But it’s a miracle there is a candy store right in Westwood!  Now right when you go in, you know that you will have the most wonderful experience.  It has such a 90s feel to it that I felt this sense of nostalgia.  I went in with my friend and we both just reminisced at every single candy that we haven’t seen in years.  There was candy I haven’t even heard about, candy that was in another language, and just..candy everywhere.  Everything cost from $2-$3, so bring your kids or hell just go by yourself with a couple of bucks and you will find yourself spending at least 10 minutes here trying to narrow down your selection.  But honestly, if I was a kid and you (whether


Brandy Melville: This is a shop screams Miley Cyrus.  Mothers and aunts, bring your daughters here.  Although it is designed for the teenage girl, my mother has even bought some pieces here like the long flowy skirt and a casual sweater.  But it has crop tops and most of these shirts/tank tops only come in one size.  And when I mean one size, I mean the size 2, 5 feet 8 girl.  There are definitely cute shirts, but before you wear them out, make sure to do a thousand sit ups and work on sucking in your stomach.  The prices are relatively cheap (around $15 for a tank) and these simple yet extremely cute designs give off a casual vibe.  They even have tons of bracelets and rings near the cash register for you if you are a jewelry girl.  It is much smaller and way less crowded than the Santa Monica shop with just as much style so if you are a beachy girl then come here for it’s low cost and super comfortable yet cute clothes.

Kaitlyn:  One of the cuter shops in Westwood.  It is a little bit more expensive than Brandy, yet definitely stylish.  This is more of a Beverly Hills type of dressing.  Go here to shop for night dinners, and sexy party dresses, or if you are just a trendy girl overall.  They have clothes for reasonable prices and if you are a shopaholic, make sure to sign up for their mailing list because they give out monthly 20% discounts.

I will treat myself to Diddy Riese on my birthday next next week, so I will have more pictures of that ice cream cookie sandwich then 🙂



3 responses to “Westwood: The Place to Visit in Los Angeles

  1. I agree, Diddy Riese is soooo good! I’ve only been there once when I visited my friend who went to UCLA, but I would definitely go back if given another chance.

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