Day in the Life of a College Student in Los Angeles

I wake up around 8AM (I don’t start class until 11) and I just stay in my bed and look at my pictures on my wake.  That’s a C on my wall by the way. 🙂

Then I peer out my window to see what the weather is like, and it was extremely cold for Los Angeles.  As you can see, I have a view of a lovely frat house on the left.

I love breakfast so I usually get a big breakfast fit for a queen.  Egg white omelet with ham, onions, and peppers with a little bit of feta cheese.  Then I get oatmeal with splenda and half a grapefruit with green tea.  This is honestly a great way to start the day and I never get bored of it.

I then go to the gym from around 9 to 10:40.  I wish I could workout and then eat, but the dining hall closes at 10 for breakfast, so I get my breakfast in before.  I do 30 minutes of weight, 30 minutes of the treadmill, and then I torture myself by watching Food Network on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  It’s like a car crash, you just can’t take your eyes away from the fattening food.

Then I go to my class.  I usually have one or two classes a day.  Today was Architecture & Urban Design.  I usually have my notes on one side of the screen, and then my Tumblr or WordPress on the other side.  It’s just so hard to try to stay focused in such a dark auditorium…

Around 12 to 1 after class, I walk up by the dorm for lunch and meet up with my friends.  And yes, that’s what we call dining hall food at our college.  Our school has a whole dining hall dedicated to Asian food (yes, that’s right an Asian dining hall) and each day we have two different Asian themes from Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Hawaiian, and Thai.  I bet you are so jealous right now.  Today for lunch was Hawaiian and Japanese.  I had stir fry veggies with brown rice and curry udon noodles, and for dessert my friends had chocolate creme brule and colorful mochi.  (I am trying to not eat sweets this week, so it was very hard to not eat that deliciousness.)

Then I take a shower because I still feel gross from my workout.  I love going in the afternoon because the housekeepers have just cleaned it.  And I love taking the big shower stall.  I know, I am lucky to live in this wonderful dorm with such a great shower stall.  It’s not even a stall, it’s more like a walk in closet.

I then either study or watch TV after lunch.  Usually watching TV wins (don’t tell my parents), after 30 minutes of studying and I hop on my bed and watch any form of reality TV.  Today was Real Housewives of NJ.

Today, I walked by myself into my college’s close by city center, which is like a 15 minute walk there to see Snooki (from Jersey Shore) but her dad was there instead because she was sick and couldn’t fly due to doctors orders.  There was no one there and I just walked up and introduced myself and took a picture with him!  He was really nice but he seemed a bit awkward.  I asked him if he knew the sex of the baby and he said they haven’t found out yet (I have a feeling he was lying to me..).  I cropped myself out because I looked absolutely yucky.

From 5 to 7, I have a new job to tutor two sisters in Bel Air (which is only a ten minute drive).  I would walk but it’s all uphill and way into the hills, so I have my car.  Every time I drive into those gates, all I think of is, “In West Philadelphia born and raised…”  The scenery in Bel Air is amazing because its all  lush and green.

For dinner, I try to go light and take out food like Tagliata salad, tuna sandwich with Minestrone soup, or herbed chicken.  Today I got the vegetable ramen, I was going to go for the tartan men (a spicy ramen) but that was 700 calories!!  (My school puts its menu online and has all the calories to every meal so I make sure to look at those before I eat.)   I really don’t like spinach and mushrooms, so I basically just ate the ramen, but it was delicious and fulfilling.  Then I ate a bunch of carrots.  (I would go to the dining hall for dinner rather than just take it out, but I’m a sucker for desserts and all you can eat dining hall style, so I try to steer clear away from that for dinner.)

For the rest of the night, it’s a combination of homework, Tumblr, Facebook, studying, homework, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, and on and on until I feel like sleeping.  Tonight I’m writing a four page essay on the Japanese language for my “Languages in Los Angeles” class I’m taking. And as you can see, I’m very far on that…

Now if you are reading this, and wishing you were back in college or you are a youngster and can’t wait for college, I wouldn’t blame you.  I definitely have the life here in college in LA. 😉

Is your daily life like mine?



2 responses to “Day in the Life of a College Student in Los Angeles

  1. Wow, I’m very impressed with how active and healthy you are – how do you get up at 8am?! I’m at university in England and barely make it out before 10am if I’m lucky. I went to the gym a lot last term, but exams and revision are taking over my life at the moment, so it’s pretty much just work, work, work. Eurgh. The food looks good, but I’m quite glad I have to cook for myself because being a fussy vegetarian wouldn’t work well with catered accommodation I don’t think! Nice to visit your blog, Alice 🙂

    • I’m an early riser so getting up is easy for me. And I am only a freshmen so my classes aren’t so rigorous. Junior year I might live in apartments unless I study abroad in England, but senior year I can’t wait to live in my own apartment and have a kitchen to cook and bake! 🙂

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