Birthday with the Parents

I love it when my parents come take me out to eat.  That means one thing: SUSHI.  Yum yum yum. My birthday is tomorrow, but my best friend is coming tomorrow to visit me so my parents took me to birthday lunches during the week.

My mom and I went to Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade to do some birthday shopping and we stopped by this small restaurant that had a sushi advertisement in the front.  The baked salmon roll was good but not worth it’s $7.50 for its 4 piece and overly decorated sauce.  My mom had the beef stir fry but I am trying not to eat meat for the rest of June so I couldn’t have any 😦  But anyways, not so impressed by this restaurant.

Since I was dissapointed with my 4 piece sushi, we went to the small takeout style sushi place on the same street and the I got the california Roll with scallions on top.  So freaking good and for the same price.  I swear that I like the quick and easy to go sushi places sooo much better than those fancy sushi places.  These places are wayyy cheaper and just as delicious, if not more delicious.


This white chocolate scone from Whole Foods was soo delicious.  As I was checking out, the lady was like OMG I just got that today, and I am definitely getting that again.  If you can afford eating 400 or so calorie scones, please go for this one.  The white chocolat chunks were just beautifully melt in your mouth with the blueberry wofty taste of the insides.

So my dad took me to Bar Hayama in West Los Angeles.  We both got the bento boxes and shared a plate of gyoza.  The bento boxes both came with miso soup and salad and all that sushi for $16.  It was beautifully created and very scrumptious. We were soo full after we ate and everything came to $43.  The people eating next to me I think were casting directors and were talking about screen testing these famous people on TV and that was kind of a cool experience.  The setting of the place was very beautifully done and so if you are in the area, I highly suggest it.

Anyways, that is my sushi post and my birthday is tomorrow so I hope I don’t get to excited and overeat…



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