19th Birthday Edition

So today is my 19th birthday.

My roommate gave a great card and cute clothes that are extremely my style.  At midnight, she even said she was panicking about this moment all day which was sweet of her.  While I was watching my TV around midnight when our lights were off, she put a present and a card on my bedside table, which I didn’t even notice until I had to get up this morning to go to the bathroom!  She even woke up before me (TOTAL shocker since she can’t wake up to turn the alarm clock off for the life of her) and took a shower so we can head over to breakfast.

My roommate for next year gave me a Sprinkles cupcake that she went and got from the Sprinkles vending machine last night.  And since I told her I was trying to go vegetarian for May, she even got a vegan red velvet cupcake for me!! It was so thoughtful and it was amazingly delicious even though it was vegan, and it is something I definitely recommend people to try.  It was moist and the frosting was still sweet and delicious. I devoured that shit like there was no tomorrow.

And I usually eat breakfast alone, but today my close friends woke up with me and we all had breakfast together.  I honestly don’t need presents, just knowing that my friends woke up and started out my birthday with me was really special, and I felt really loved.

Then, my best friend since I was around five years old came to see me since she is done with school.  It was nice that was able to come today especially since she came back from all the way from San Fran yesterday evening and she made me these delicious chocolate chip cookie nutella sandwiches.  Yes, I said chocolate chip nutella sandwiches.  It’s probably one of the most fulfilling things you can ever eat in your life.

These are my beautiful college best friends.  The one on the right is my roommate 🙂 On our way to eat pizza in my car because we are all too lazy to walk.

I went to 800 Degrees pizza in Westwood and here are my wonderful friends.  They make the pizza Subway style and you add toppings or extra veggies for $1.  My margarita pizza was $7.01 with tax and it was simple and tasty.  They all have a very thin crust and are somewhat soggy because of the sauce and only comes in one size.  The line was about a 30 minute wait so come with a lot of friends if you come here.

My birthday was all that I could have asked for.  Even though I’m nineteen now, I don’t feel any older than I did five years ago.  I don’t need to have a big party or anything, just have great company and good food.

I honestly feel so uncomfortable having the attention on me and having people flatter me, but it was really nice to know that I am loved.  I can just be myself with my friends and listen to Disney songs and talk about absolutely pointless things.  I had a great birthday and this is why college is so great because your friends can just come in to your dorm and just sit around for hours.



2 responses to “19th Birthday Edition

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Even if I am a bit late). I know what you mean about not feeling old enough to be 19 – just think, this is the last year we’ll be teenagers (I’m 19 too if you hadn’t guessed). I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday 🙂 Alice

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