My Lazy Saturday Afternoon in Los Angeles

So, I didn’t go to Diddy Riese yesterday because my wonderful best friend made me chocolate chip nutella cookies, so I went today instead!! The top one is mine: chocolate chip cookie and a cinnamon sugar cookie with rocky road ice-cream, and my friend got a chocolate chip cookie and white chocolate chip cookie with mint chip ice-cream.  They were each $1.75, a great treat on a Saturday afternoon.  They are very sweet, soft, and chewy and usually the line can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, so I suggest going during the day time on a weekday.

On the street in Westwood was a fair going on and we even saw the actual batman car filmed in the movie!

It’s good to know a true friendship can last through many years.  The top picture was us in sixth grade (when I was a skinny minny), and here we are in college.  Even though I’m in Los Angeles and she’s in Berkeley, we are still as close as ever.



One response to “My Lazy Saturday Afternoon in Los Angeles

  1. Wow, that snack looks AMAZING!! I wish we had something like that round here. I think I might have to try that myself this summer at home – they look too good not to try out! And that’s pretty cool seeing the batman car too 🙂 Alice

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