Japanese Homemade Onigiri

Now my best friend Mariko used to bring onigiris to school and eat them during our snack breaks.  While everyone else was eating their Hot Cheetos or chocolate chip cookies, Mariko always had onigiris that her dad packed for her snack.
All of us and even our homeroom teacher would always stare longingly at her, and I (being the extremely modest person I am) invite myself over to her house so I can eat these wonderful delicious rice balls.
Now I am in college and Mariko personally drove here today to deliver these to me today. These homemade creatures are definitely not found in the dining halls.

It was a wonderfully shaped onigiri with a cute little seaweed to decorate.

Once I took a couple of bites, there was a lovely surprise inside.

As I kept eating, it just got even more delicious.  The chicken and the seasoning just went wonderfully together in this great onigiri.

Honestly, I devoured it within 30 seconds..I wish I was joking.

I promise the recipe will come next month because I am still in school right now.  But if you have never eaten onigiris, I suggest you go and make some yourself!  Fill them with salmon, furikake, or anything you like!



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