Yokohama Japan

Last summer before my first year of college, I went to Japan by myself to see my grandmother in her nursing home.  Every spring year, I would go to Japan to visit my grandmother with my mom, but this summer, I had to go by myself because my mom wanted me to visit her because she was worried about my grandmother.

That brown building on the left is my grandmother’s condo.  We got that around the time my grandmother’s Parkinson’s disease was just kicking in, so she could still walk then.  We have a two bedroom place on the first floor right by the entrance so my grandmother didn’t have to take the stairs.  In the morning, the light would come in and the lake (a natural lake, not manmade) would just sparkle.

That’s the morning light at around 6AM.

These pictures are on the way to the bus station/train station. Since I live in Los Angeles,  I love the whole quiet town feel in Yokohama.  People actually walk and just the small stores are so lovely.  And that last picture is such a funky shaped house so I had to take a picture.

I honestly didn’t appreciate the small town and now that I started my first year in college, it really has sunk in that I am no longer a little girl and that my grandmother is old and living in a hospital now.  We finally rented out our place after around three of four years of my grandmother living in a nursing home (she was transferred to a hospital recently).

Writing this, my heart feels heavy.  If there is one thing I learned after many years of flying to Japan is that you should always stay close to family.  My mom and I would go to Japan any chance we have if we could, but airfare is just way too expensive and we cannot afford it.  I think that not being in Japan had a big impact on my grandmother’s health and spirit.

My mother and my grandma by her nursing home around three years ago.  It’s strange to think that she could actually talk and respond then, she even put up a peace sign.  It’s really important to appreciate the little things in life.



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