My Afternoon in Los Angeles

Westwood Farmers Market

Oh hello there free fruit samples!  Why don’t dining halls have peaches and nectarines?? I definitely ate about 10 of them and went back and got some more.

Got some kettle corn sample!  I also got a strawberry (one of the most amazing fruit in the world when your dining hall never has strawberries).  I also got a free sample of an organic brownie and it was delicious!

Whole Foods

I got a vegan chocolate chip cookie. It was the right amount of chewy with super delicious chocolate chips.  It was flat and not fluffy like the regular cookies, but I thought it tasted great.  I would rather eat these cookies than any packaged cookie.  You can see how popular it is because I got the second to last one.

Brandy Melville

This was also posted in my other post, but here’s the inside of Brandy Melville.  It just screams LA! I love how the store is very homey and has so much clothes in every inch of space.  I already got a few items in mind that I will buy next time with my mom-not going to spend my own money 😉



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