Saturday Lunch in Los Angeles

So on this somewhat gorgeous Saturday, I went out to lunch with my dad.  First great thing about lunch with the parents are 1) a free meal and 2) going out to eat.  No dining hall food for me today!!

Because I am trying to be a vegetarian for this month, I decided to go to Real Foods Daily (recommended by my mother’s friends) in Santa Monica.  I was disappointed because brunch is only served on Sundays, so I wanted to try the tofu scrambled eggs and gluten free pancakes, but I guess next time.  So I just ordered off their regular menu.  Before the place even started (at 11:30), people were already waiting outside.

The pizza was gluten and wheat free, and you had to eat it with a fork and knife because it was so thin.  It was an okay option.  I made my dad order this, and he only ate one piece, but he’s a good sport for going along with my vegetarian diet. And yay for leftovers! Woop woop!

Now my tofu ruben sandwich is a whole ‘nother story.  It was ahhhmaziing!  If I could eat this for lunch for the rest of my life, who the hell needs meat in their diet?  It just had such a great texture and it was very good.  The taste it kind of hard to explain, but this is a great choice for a light lunch.

I could not leave the restaurant without having a sweet, so I got the red and white cupcake (gluten free!).  The cupcake’s frosting was so airy and sweet, I could honestly eat it with anything.  It was reallyyy light, and it just had a wonderful taste.  The cupcake part was so-so, but it was moist which I love, and the frosting definitely made up for it.  Plus, I didn’t have the sick to my stomach, I feel like shit feeling that I usually get after eating a cupcake.

So I can say that this was a successful Saturday lunch in Los Angeles, and my mom is coming to visit me tomorrow or Tuesday so I have to find a different place to go around LA.  Maybe sushi, or somewhere in West Hollywood?  If you have any suggestions, please do tell!!


4 responses to “Saturday Lunch in Los Angeles

  1. Love Real Food Daily!

    There’s tons of great places to try in West Hollywood – depends on what you’re feeling but you can’t go wrong with brunch! My favorites are Kings Road Cafe, Urth Cafe, Toast, Doughboy’s, and Bld.

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