Sushi in Los Angeles

So my mom had time off her very busy schedule to visit me tonight for dinner and of course you know what that means…SUSHI.  I was thinking about going to a vegetarian Thai place, but I think I shall go there some other time next week.  We went to Hide Sushi in West Los Angeles.

The place got packed really quickly.  Apparently it’s a very busy restaurant, but I didn’t quite see all the hype to it.  Oh well, one sushi place down, a bajillion more to go.

This place is more Americanized sushi, so if you are a starter sushi eater, then I would suggest going here, but for the more advanced sushi eaters like me, skip.

I wasn’t quite happy with my sushi dish, so I asked for salmon and eel.  The eel tasted absolutely delicious.

For dessert, my mom and I drove to a famous Jewish deli called Junior.

The architecture itself really reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright, since I’m taking an architecture class right now.  The service was great, and I’m really sad we didn’t go here for dinner.  Everyone was ordering these sandwiches and they looked amazing.

They had a whole bunch of pastries to pick from in the not dining section.

I got the blackout cake.  It wasn’t really delicious though…I want to come back here though and try the actual meals.

Tomorrow, one of my best friends since I knew since I was in 7th grade  is coming to visit me and we are going to Santa Monica!! I will definitely take a lot of pictures and show you guys 3rd Street Promenade for those of you who don’t live in LA.



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