Thirsty Thursday & Great Delights in Los Angeles

So my best friend since I was in 7th grade has came to visit me in college today!  She is already done with school, like 90% of the colleges out there, while I am still stuck with homework and essays.

For her little sister’s birthday, she made her a rainbow cake, and I was jealous because we were suppose to make one together.  So she made me one for my birthday 🙂  She visited me yesterday, and she brought this ahmazing cake!! She used up 2 cake boxes and had 6 layers.  It was super moist and just tasted like childhood.

That was us during Christmas break at our hometown.

I took her out to the frats and we then went out and ran into some more friends from our hometown!  Small world..

And then when we got back to the dorms, we got the 1AM munchies…

The result of hardwork..

It didn’t even take us 10 minutes to finish this cake…  We all felt like shit after it, but I was even contemplating ordering Italian because I needed to counter the sugar… Oh, the life of college kids.

My roommate and my friend Ellen snuggling in bed after we came home.  She lost her key to her dorm, so I let her sleep in my room.

Nights that end with friends are the best.  It’s definitely about the company and what you make of your time.  I’m sad that college is about to wrap up because nights like this is why college is so special.  All of your friends are in a close radius to each other and they will always be just a walk away.



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