There’s this place in Torrance, Los Angeles called L’Amondi.  It’s a new place and the interior was beautifully done very modern French looking.  It was not a restaurant, but a sit down take your order place.  The food is a little pricey, but not super expensive.  The food was good, but the breads were AMAZING.  It was crispy, soft, and buttery. The service here is absolutely great as well; everyone was really friendly and super nice.

I think it was a very family run place because there was even a little boy who was behind the counter helping the workers display the breads.  It was just so cute, and it made me feel very at home and ease.

My dad got the last apple danish and it tasted great!

The super super delicious chocolate croissant.  Just the right amount of chocolate.

The almond croissant.

My mom told me she was taking me here tomorrow morning, but I found this place on my way to a vegetarian place I was suppose to go to and I was craving some carbs, so we went here instead.  My mom texted me about this place when she first tried it, and she LOVED it.

This is the place to go .  I love finding new local places that have a great atmosphere.  I definitely recommend people to go here and stop by for some coffee and croissants.  The breads are worth every bite, trust me.  I ate those 2 croissants in like 5 minutes.  No shame…okay, a little shame.



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