My Secret Trail in Los Angeles

Years ago, my friend showed me this trail in our hometown of Palos Verdes.  We were best friends and lived across the street from eachother since middle school, so we would go on this trail for exercise all the time.

I’ve had some great memories up this trail and it is such a nice place to go on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

On the trail, it’s a bunch of trees and bushes, but every so often, the trees give out to the beautiful view we have in Palos Verdes.

I can see my old house from this view!

When the hike ends and I’m back on the street, I always just stand there for a minute or two and take everything in.  Every single time I go up this hill, I think to myself how lucky I am to live here.  And being gone for two months makes me feel even more appreciative of where I live.

Then I ran the whole 2 miles down hill.  Lol, just kidding, I walked.

I walked all the way down this hill.  Going around takes around an hour or so, and it’s such a great walk.  Today, I let my hair down (like actually, I took down my pony tail) and just sunk in the sun and the view.  It just brought back memories of me walking this route.  I first started when I was in 7th grade, and now I am a freshman in college, coming home for the weekend and taking this route for the first time in 5 months.  It really hit me that I am no longer living the good life at home, but I am turning into an adult.


One response to “My Secret Trail in Los Angeles

  1. I get that feeling too sometimes. It doesn’t take a lot and it’s usually completely random, but it suddenly hits me that I’m actually growing up. I won’t be a child or a teenager forever, not even another year. It’s kind of daunting thinking about the future, knowing I’ll have to get a proper job and an actual house and carve out my knew life as an adult in no time at all really. And then I look in the mirror, realise I still look about 14 and think – well, at least I can still get away with splashing in puddles and biting my nails and getting hyper off of haribo for a little bit longer. 🙂 Alice

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