Easiest & Yummiest Banana Bread

I hate any recipes that call for more than 5 ingredients.  Although it may be kind of like cheating, buying the banana bread mix, I swear this is the best banana bread I have ever eaten. Now if you like those loafy kinda breads, this is not for you.  This banana bread is just the right amount of moistness, gushiness, and deliciousness.

I have been making this since I was in middle school with my mom, and she kind of conjured up her own recipe.


  • Trader Joes banana bread mix
  • 2 eggs
  • water
  • smashed banana
  • optional: chocolate chips
You can find this banana bread mix in any Trader Joes and it is around $2.50.  Just follow the back of the box.  The recipe says to add oil, BUT DO NOT ADD IT.  I like to be as healthy as possible, and why do we need oil when the banana already makes it extra moist.

Now I like chocolate in everything and anything, so I add the chocolate chips, but without it is still really delicious.

You just mix everything together and put it in a pan.  (I only used half for this bread.)

40 minutes later, and this goodness appears.  Seriously the best looking bread I have ever seen.

I just had to break off a piece before it was even cooled, and look how good that banana chocolatey goodness looks.

This all took maybe 6 minutes to prepare and mix!  Honestly, the easiest thing on the planet and the tastiest.  Everyone always loves my banana bread, so please try it!  You have absolutely nothing to lose!



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