Weekend Lunches in Los Angeles

My best friend Alex from University of Missouri came to visit me yesterday!!  We went to sushi and went to Beverly Hills and it was so nice to catch up with an old friend.

I have a weakness for baked salmon rolls.  Every time I go to a sushi place, I just order the baked salmon.

The sushi was very fresh!! But I can’t believe only these 2 pieces cost almost $4.  Ugh, why does sushi have to cost so much.

Alex order the California Roll, and it was less than $4 for happy hour, so she ordered three!  She originally ordered 2 rolls, but me and Alex were so sad after our sushi was demolished so we went and ordered some more.  Yes, we are little piggies.

I like the interior of the restaurant. It’s so LA.  Alex said there is def no places like this in Mizzou.

At Beverly Hills!!! I flipped my hair and Alex accidentally took the picture.  You can see our cupcake adventure here.  We went to Sprinkles and Crumbs!

This is my best friend Alex.  This totally captures her diva-ness.

Then, today from my fellow WordPresser, G (http://thatsg.com) gave me the recommendation to go to Urth Cafe.

It was absolutely packed.

My dad usually doesn’t love my food choices, but he said the poached salmon was one of my best choices yet.  I don’t love poached eggs, but this was very good.  I saw many other people order it too!  The toast kind of got a bit soggy after a bit, so make sure to eat it up right away.

As I was eating my caprese sandwich, a lady came up to me and wanted to know what I was eating.  The panini was very delicious. I love caprese’s because I’m cutting down on meat and it is basically mozzarella and tomatoes.

The green tea latte I got!  I love my matcha green tea, so I was excited to try this.  I give presentation an A, but the taste was like a C.  The green tea taste was a bit powdery, and there was too much cream in it.  Next time, I am going to order the boba because that looked quite delicious and many people seemed to enjoy it.

We got a chocolate croissant, and it was very crispy and tasted very buttery.  The chocolate inside the croissant was divine though, and I am definitely getting that again.

Overall I had a great weekend of foods, and even though Saturday is not even done, I have to study for finals. 😦



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