Dinner at the Dining Hall

So I finished my first year of college today and decided to celebrate by eating a ton of food at my school’s Asian dining hall.  Yay for celebrating freshmen 15!

Tofu Satay.  I absolutely love tofu, and getting my protein from tofu is amazing when it is spiced with yummy sauce.  I don’t understand when my friends do not like tofu because it is just so amazingly delicious and healthy.

Spicy Calamari.  Oh my, I have never had calamari before, but can I just say this was delicious.  I was surprised by the really chewy texture, but I actually like the texture after a bite.  It was so spicy, but I love my spicy food.  I need to have calamari more often, but first maybe I should find out what calamari is…

Mixed Vegetables.  I had to get my veggies in somewhere…

Baby Eggplant & Tomato Flatbread.  I like the tomatoes and the bread together, it was like a healthy panini, but it was too watery.

Chocolate Pie & Green Tea.  I love getting a cup of green tea with my dessert and today, they had one of my favorites-chocolate pie!  I swear no other college has like seven different dessert choices.  I am blessed and cursed, but mostly cursed because all these sweets end up on my thighs.

Fruit & Tapioca in Creme.  At the first bite, I thought it was okay, but I couldn’t stop eating it.  It was very fruity with its tapioca and peach and lychee and had a texture and taste I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Chocolate Pie.  Yes, I did get a second piece of pie, but to be fair, I am not going to have dining hall food for 3 months… Do you just see how beautiful that chocolate pie looks?  It was so soft and chocolatey with the right crust to pie ratio.

Tomorrow, I saw that there is going to be sushi and my absolute favorite pineapple cake!! I am so excited and I shall post pictures of tomorrows dinner too since I have no homework now to worry about!! 🙂




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