Cupcake, Cupcake, & One More Cupcake

So I did a cupcake adventure already in Beverly Hills found here, but today I went to 3 cupcake shops including Magnolia Bakery that I have been just dying to go to. My best friend came to visit me today, so we split a cupcake at each place we went to.

Magnolia Bakery

Can I say a very big disappointment.  The store was definitely very cute and whimsical with pastel shades, yet the taste was disappointing.  I don’t know if this would be an exaggeration to say, but it tasted like a grocery store cupcake that one could buy for $2, yet this cupcake was $3.50.  It was much smaller than any other cupcake I had bought from a cupcake place, and the taste did not hit me.  The frosting was so light that I could not really taste it.


I got my free cupcake by following them on Twitter!  Today’s free cupcake was caramel chocolate! 😀

I just had to take a picture of Sprinkles’s ATM machine once again…


Picking a cupcake at Crumbs is probably one of the hardest choices to make.

Cookies and cupcakes??? My dream come true.

We wanted something chocolate, so we got the brownie cupcake.

This was an amazingly delicious rich chocolate frosting.  It was so rich and lovely that it was not even a comparison to Magnolias.  Every bit was like chocolate heaven, and the frosting was nice and thick.

Okay, no more cupcake adventures for me for a longgg time.  Except maybe the free cupcake from Sprinkles..



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