Last Meal at Dining Hall

So I go home today for 3 months, and I had a great lunch at my “Asian style” dining hall.  Today’s themes were Korean and Thai so all the foods are inspired by those 2 countries.

Korean Egg Snack Sandwich

In other words, it was a breakfast sandwich with my dining hall trying to make it “Asian.”

This was so delicious that I went back and got another one.  I will definitely be making these at home for lunch.  It’s just an omelet, onions, and ketchup in between 2 pieces of toast.

Green Seafood Curry

Vegan Chicken & Peanut Stir Fry Flatbread

I swear this tasted like chicken.  And it’s glaze was so delicious that I could have eaten 4 of these.  It was like a BBQ chicken pizza, besides the chicken and the pizza part..

Pandan Chiffon Cake

It was very fluffy and moist tasting.

Deep Dish Blackout Cake

How the world am I going to survive without my chocolate fix?

Some people look forward to going home so they can look forward to home cooked meals, but I am sad that I can no longer have my college’s dining hall food.  They have so many options, and I will never be able to make so many dishes for one meal.

Ahhh, life’s tough.



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