My Summer 2012 Adventure

In a recent interview I watched on YouTube, James Franco said that he never liked to go in bed because it was like admitting failure.  And I can totally relate.  I have spent so much time in my bed or watching TV, and this summer I want to do things other than watch TV.  I want to be doing a bunch of new things all around Los Angeles.  I have a car, I am almost in my twenties (holy cow), and I want to live live, rather than let life pass by.  I once read a quote that said “You can sleep when your dead.”  And another one, “No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.”

I am going to be living in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but four times a week I will be going to the city to work for a couple of hours, so I promise that I will be doing great things.  I don’t even care anymore that I do things by myself.  If I want to go to a museum alone, I will.  I will go to restaurants and try new foods by myself.

I made myself this list for Summer 2012 that I had been compiling for months now.  It is finally done, and of course I will add some things if I come up with some new ones.

I have already gone on a cupcake adventure, and now I cannot wait to cross of more things on my list.  I also went to Color Me Mind and painted myself a nice tea cup and matching plate so I can’t wait for that to be done.

Tomorrow, between my two jobs I have, I will go to the Museum of Tolerance tomorrow.  The museum was in the movie Freedom Writers with Hilary Swank and it’s all dedicated to the halocaust.  I always wanted to go and now I finally get the chance to go.

Since this will now be on my blog, there is no turning back and I will finish this by mid September!  I have plenty of time but I will just take it day by day.  I know some days I will not have an “adventure” and I will be sitting at home with Hulu and chocolate chip cookies as my best friend, but I promise myself that it will not happen too many days in a row.  If it does, I will have to do something off this list.



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