My Latest Eats

I swear this is the best pizza I have ever eaten.  This is a vegan pizza from Whole Foods, and it is so much better than the other pizzas.  Yes, the looks of it aren’t that great, but I promise it tastes 500,000 times better than it looks.  Yesterday, I went and the vegan pizza just ran out, so the guy behind the counter made me my own little pizza.  It was less than $4, and it was absolutely delicious and cheesey, even though I know there is no cheese.

I made cauliflower pizza crust the other day, and it tasted so-so, for this much effort, I would rather pay around $4 for a bigger piece of vegan pizza from Whole Foods, but at least I tried… My measurements were kind of to blame, but I am just way too obsessed with the vegan pizza to convert to any other pizza.

I wanted something sweet, so I decided to make cookie dough cakeballs.  The batter actually tasted quite delicious. I tried making cookie ball pops from ChocolateCoveredKatie, one of my favorite baking sites, and it turned out amazing.  But I wanted something baked, so I decided to put the remaining ones in the oven.

When I actually baked them, it was so amazing!! They turned out to be mini chocolate chip scones rather than cookies.  I am kind of obsessed now and it is my new favorite thing to bake.  It took only 5 minutes to mix together and 10 minutes to bake at 350 degrees.

Look at how puffy these things are and how deliciously the chocolate melts right after the oven.  It just breaks apart heavenly and it has no eggs and no butter.  Kind of healthy?  Yes, I think so.

And can I just say what a loving daughter I was and made dinner for my mother.  I loved being able to make dinner for my mother and having it prepared right when she got home from work.  She was so happy and it made me realize how much effort it takes to cook a meal.  The days that I have no work, I promise that I will make my mom a home cooked meal for dinner.

If there’s one thing I can preach from this post, is to eat the damn vegan pizza from Whole Foods.  Trust me, I have had it probably ten times in this past month, and have had it for four days straight, and I will probably go and get some tomorrow for lunch.  Too much?  I don’t think so.



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