Vegetarian Healthy Meal last Week

Vegan Pizza.  Instead of always buying the vegan pizza, I decided to make it myself.  It takes a total of 15 minutes.  I bought the premade dough and spread it, then put on some sauce I had for some pasta, and I bought the cheese, and voila.  I ate this probably three times this past week and I just ran out of dough today.

Scrambled Egg, Onion, Potato Burrito.  This tasted super delcious and I controlled the amount of oil (none) and eggs (only egg whites) that went into the burrito, so I probably saved hundreds of calories rather than going to my favorite burrito joint.  Then I cut up some fruit and made a cute platter.

“Vegetarian” Chicken.  This is from Trader Joes in the freezer section and it is made from soy, and it tastes just like chicken nuggets, but 100 times better.  And guess how many calories are in it?? 150 for 3, so my lunch was only a total of 250 calories.  It’s a great meal for when you are on the go, or are just really lazy and don’t want to cook.

Japanese meal.  I had a traditional Japanese meal and it tasted super great.  I had udon noodles, tofu, and rice, and salmon.  (I still eat fish.)  It was great and it just felt so healthy.

So here’s to a healthy summer!  I started off this summer making scones and eating way too much, but I feel like I can eat better but we’ll just take it week by week.




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