Susie Cake Cupcakes Review

I give the service and first overall experience an A here!  It is the first cupcake place where there was water and cups set up with all the utensils at a nearby table.  There were plenty of seats, and it was in a nice location in the Manhattan Village so I felt so comfortable.

Each cupcake is $3, and it was a good size for a cupcake being $3.

Look at how amazingly cute these apple pies are!! This is definitely a great idea and I will have to try some next time.

I bought 3 mini cupcakes for $5.  I wanted to try a little bit of everything, so the minis were perfect.  No other cupcake place I have been to have minis, so this was amazing.  I love the sprinkles that they put on top because it really makes the cupcake so cute.

The red velvet was extremely delicious.  The cupcake part was not smushy but just the right amount of softness, and the frosting was absolutely sweet.  The red velvet was pretty good and I would recommend it for anyone who likes red velvet.  The vanilla one was my favorite.  The frosting was so good and creamy and the cake part was just as tasty.  The chocolate was ehh, but I don’t really like chocolate cupcakes so much to begin with.

Have I found my new favorite cucpcake place?  I think so.  It’s closer to my home, and the prices and taste make every bite worth it.  If you have a Susie Cakes near your area, I highly recommend it!



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