My Rantings of the Olympics

So I have definitely not been really into the Olympics, but I have to admit this summer I watched the Olympics every day.  Right when I woke up, I turned on the TV and just stared at the TV screen.  My online NBCOlympics were always handy, and I made sure to check the listing of the schedules, and watched any extra races that I missed or interviews.  There is something so special about watching your country compete and the ending of the race is my favorite part.  Some of my favorites were swimming, synchronized swimming, beach volleyball, track, waterpolo, what the hell, I liked all of them-I really can’t choose.

Nathan Adrian is probably my Olympic crush.  He wants to be a doctor and attended Berkeley and won 2 gold medals for USA.  He is tall, sweet, and funny, and not to mention my future boyfriend.  But like actually.  Just watching his race and his face when he won of pure humbleness and amazement is so great to see.

The Fab Five is just wonderful.  They are so close to my age, and to think at 15 I was probably just lounging around maybe taking two dance classes a week for an hour, and these girls just had this dream and they did everything they could to accomplish that is amazing.  This makes me wish that I had a passion at such a young age.  And even though the Olympics is only a 3 week event, these girls have a lifetime of pride, honor, and achievement.

One of my favorite runners was Allyson Felix.  She just had this great personality that I could see without even having to see an interview.  I don’t know how to explain it, but I just liked her from the start.  She didn’t seem very showy or haughty in any way.  Then, it turns out, my best friend/roommate’s next door neighbor, Aaron, is her cousin!!  I talked to him about it and he said that she is extremely down to earth, and wholesome, and into her faith and in her interviews is exactly how she acts in person.  I am going to persuade him now to meet her because I just would lovee to talk to her!!

The closing ceremony was amazing.  I thought that some performers were way to obvious at lip syncing, and the models on the runway were a bit confusing.  It was very impressive and amazing to see all of the beautiful models but it was somewhat counter productive.  I liked the Olympics because we got to see all of these athletic people who physically trained for years to come to the Olympics, and GB sort of just added these people who are only famous for their appearances.  It seemed like a slap in the face to the athletes.  I understand that GB was trying to showcase everything amazing about it’s country, but it’s like come on!!!  These models don’t even compare to how hard these athletes work, and what the fuck does a fashion show have to do with the Olympics.

Holy shit I was so excited when the Spice Girls began and I heard, “So tell me what you want, what you really really want!”  I probably watched this performance repeat on 5 times on YouTube.  They just killed it and brought back my childhood.  It’s great to see such enthusiasm and youthfulness from them after years and years.  They were definitely my favorite performance, and if they have a reunion, I will be the first to get tickets.

I liked not having to watch trashy TV and being able to watch something that I did not feel guilt to watch these past weeks.  I am so sad the Olympics are over and it’s such a great feeling to have watched it everyday for the past weeks because it makes you feel like you were part of it, even though I am just a viewer at home in Los Angeles.  It’s history in the making and it’s beautiful.



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