I Hate College but Love All the Parties

Let’s see all of the jobs that I have considered for my freshmen year of college.  Museum curator, lawyer, art history professor, businesswomen, blogger, entertainment industry, architect, interior designer, dentist, music industry.  People say that you have all your life to pursue what you want, and of course just finishing my first year in college, I have my whole life ahead of me.  Um, time is of the freaking essence in college.  In order to actually apply and get into the major, I have to take at least 15 classes required to even be considered eligible, thus I need to decide on my major in like the next thirty seconds (or at least in the next couple of months) which basically controls my future and what I will become.  No pressure.

I first started off with an Asian-American major going in to college, but changed it to Business-Economics.  Then in December I was seriously pursuing architecture until about June, and now I may want to consider dentistry but am torn between that and business.

I was talking to my former boss (the mother of the girls I tutored in Bel Air) and she was telling me the misconception that people have today.  People teach their kids that is important to have a job that you love to do, thus the phrase “follow your dreams.”  But she completely disagrees and says that as long as you make money, everything else will fall in place.  Obviously I will have a precarious future as an architect or a professor, but pursuing dentistry is most likely stable and bring in the big bucks.  Do I really want to have that chance that I can possibly be living paycheck to paycheck and struggling for jobs?  I don’t want to worry about money and think about paying the bills.  I want to be able to work, come home, enjoy life  through nice vacations, and provide the best schooling and opportunities for my kids without ever having to worry about expenses.  I will be willing to sacrifice that great passion that I have for a job if I could be able to enjoy my life leisurely outside of work.

I mean are doctors really passionate about their jobs?  Do they go to work everyday loving what they do, and thinking “I just love anatomy so much.”

All my life I thought I had my life planned out.  Go to an east coast college far away from home, become a lawyer, marry by the time I’m 27, and have kids.  I ended up going to a school that is at most an hour and a half away, and for the first half of 2012 I considered architecture, and now I am thinking about dentistry.  Life is definitely not going as planned, and if I learned anything, planning out your life is useless.  I’ll probably end up single with cats (even though I’m allergic) and be a nanny for the rest of my life.



One response to “I Hate College but Love All the Parties

  1. don’t worry you’re not the only one here. getting a prestigious degree and a job to pay the bills while having plenty left to spend on travel, food, cars, kids etc. that’s what been spoon-fed to us since young. i can’t count how many time i’ve been drilled to study medicine/dentistry/law (i’m doing economics now). but i like how you questioned how many lawyers/docs/dentists actually like what they are doing. though i believe there’s no answer to that. it’s different for different individuals. we have our own goals and mindsets. we strive to achieve different things but at the end, we just want a peaceful and meaningful life. period. thanks for your post!

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