Study Abroad to the UK?

I was thinking about going just for a semester, but I thought why just limit it to three months?  Why not try a full year.  It might be grueling, and if I don’t make any friends, I might have to stay holidays by myself in Scotland, but I should take a leap of faith right?  I knew that I wanted to go to England my whole life, possibly because of my obsession with Harry Potter at such a young age, and I need to experience this.  This is one of the times that I’m going to look back in my fifties and be like, “When I was 20, I had the best time of my life in the UK.”

The school that I want to go to the most is St. Andrews.  Okay, it’s not England, but this is the school where Prince William and Kate Middleton went and fell in love!! How can I not go here?  I first wanted a big city with a great night life and bustling people, but then I realized that I already live in the city.

All my life, I knew I wanted to go to a small university and somehow I ended up in a school with more than 26,000 students.  Now here is my chance to go to a smaller school with.  Perhaps it will feel like a long summer camp.  I want to meet a bunch of people and have a great homey feeling where I know everyone.

First things first, I have to raise my GPA by at least .21 %.  I raised it last quarter .2%, but this quarter, I am taking the most hardest classes!  (Economics, management, and statistics.)  I might even exchange one class for a GE class that I don’t need just so I can get by.  I need at least an A in every class.  Last year, I have never gotten higher than an A-…I really have no time to screw up, but if I do great this quarter, it will mean that I am that much closer to St. Andrews.  And an English boyfriend. 😉

I regret not working so hard last year, but I cannot do anything about it now, and just work my ass off for the next 3 months.  Not only do I have these classes to worry about, but around 15 hours of work a week, and filling out a perfect application before November to the study abroad program, and possibly the school newspaper.

If I pull this off this quarter, that means a wonderful year abroad in Scotland. This is really going to put me to the test.




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