My Favorite Eats of September



Occasionally when I see great food, I tend to take a picture like the dork that I am.

Raspberry and cream cheese croissant.  So amazingly delicious, I can’t even describe

Delicious Parisian salad with blue cheese and these caramelized apples went deliciously with the salad.

There was cheese on top of the sandwich melted on this croque monsieur!! It was cheesy and delicious.

My lovely french toast that I made with a baguette.  I seriously need to become a chef.

Prosciutto pizza with mozzarella cheese and spinach.


Turkey burger from Tavern.



Herbed fries from Tavern. I saw in an article that they were one of the best french fries in the US.

My stomach is grumbling as I’m typing this…



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