Journal Entries

September 27th

Today, I went to the beach near Santa Monica/Malibu, and then I swam in the pool.  I literally have the best job watching and playing with kids.

So, walking to my class from my dorm is 0.9 miles!! 0.9 freaking miles!!! I walked to class today, came back for lunch, and then walked back to class on campus and then back to my dorm.  I basically walked 4 miles today.  I was going to go to the gym today, but I am exhausted.  For dinner, I ate a chicken sandwich, chicken udon noodles, sweet potato fries, salad and veggies, and green tea ice cream.  I forgot how exhausting it was to walk on campus.

When my mom went to my dining hall when she dropped me off last week, she said that I must have eaten so much for me to gain weight because the walking is ridiculous.  I think that I might eat a light lunch always and then splurge on dinner.  Because if I eat a big lunch, chances are I will still be as equally as hungry when dinner comes around so I might as well eat light for lunch and look forward to my dinners.

October 1st 

I drove to Century City Mall to get some new business attire shoes because companies were coming to my school to meet students.  IPhone has a new update and I completly couldn’t understand the new map, so I got frustrated and actually started crying because I couldn’t find the mall.  When I did get to the mall, the people at Macys in the shoe department didn’t ask me for help.  I think it was because I just came from school and was wearing flip flops, a flimsy tank top, and jean shorts.  One guy helped me and literally 5 minutes later, I was at the register buying $80 heels.  That goes to show don’t judge people by their appearance!

Check out my sexy new running shoes for the gym.  It’s pretty neon so I’m not used to it, but it definitely pumps me up.  I am determined to lose these pounds-at least 15.

October 3rd

And last night, I went out to Tri Delts raid with Sig Pi because my roommate from last year invited me.  I had so much fun, and while I was out, I was thinking about how fun it was to party and how I need to do this like every night.  But when I woke up the next morning, I had the worst day.  I forgot how groggy and unhappy it is the next day after being out till 2 in the morning.  I had to skip one of my classes for a nap because I couldn’t stand it.  I then realized that I need to focus and not party.

October 8th

I had lunch with my dad today at Toast in Beverly Hills.  It’s so nice that my parents are able to come have meals with me in between classes.  It makes me really appreciate the fact that I live so close.  I don’t know what I will do when I am in study abroad next year.



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