Journals of the Week

October 15th

Today my TA for my economics class had his head down on the table.  I thought he was just tired, and last week, he canceled the class because he was “not feeling well.”  Today, before he started the class, he told us that he had to tell us something, it was a private matter, but perhaps by telling us, he could get it off his chest and feel better himself.  I immediately thought of death or cancer, and then he told us he was getting a divorce.  He was only 23 and he was divorcing.  He is a native Asian man, long and lanky, and serious.  I don’t know if he is always so dreary and sad and melancholy sounding, or if it is just because of the divorce.  It’s so sad how a divorce can literally suck the life out of you.  He could barely teach the whole time, and couldn’t speak sometimes.  He had tears the whole time he was teaching, and left the room, and then ended class early and just sat in a desk and put his head down.  Times like this is when you feel sorry for other people, and not myself.

Also, times like these are when I miss high school.  If a substitute or teacher told us that, most of the students in my class would go up to the teacher and we would all show him/her how sorry we are and we would be comforting.  In college, students are very stoic.  One girl sitting in the front row even continued to eat her yogurt as he told the class he was getting a divorce.  I wanted to hit her over the head.  One guy walked out of class, and then two even followed.  I know his teaching was horrible, but it’s about respect.

October 18th

Today, when I was leaving the girl I babysit for, I was sitting on her bed and told her about my dilemma   I was asking her if I should work out or if I should study.  I thought she was going to tell me I should exercise since I needed it and we just made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, but she told me that I should study and do my homework so my teacher would not get mad at me and like me (I have a crush on my Statistic professor).  So here I am, doing my homework-and blogging.  Sometimes kids are way smarter than you think.


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