How I Know I’m Getting Older

Finding a white hair.  I found my first white hair the other day, and my heart sunk.  I use to pluck my mom’s white hairs when I was in elementary school, (when she didn’t dye her hair like now).  I use to tell her to pay me 10 cents for each white hair.  Sometimes I would pluck her regular hairs too and pretend that she had a lot of whites, just because I was a cruel child.

Getting happy when I am called Miss instead of Ma’am.  I remember when my mom and I were at a drive through at McDonalds when I was little and the cashier called her “Ma’am” and she told me that she hated it when people called her that since she felt old.  Now, I’m being called Ma’am and I’m thinking to myself, I’m not even 20 yet, how old do I look??  Call me Miss!!

Picking up a kid from school.  It’s so strange to be in the front seat listening to a child talk about her day at school.  I was the one being picked up a few years ago, and now I am the adult.  So so so weird when I think about it.

Drinking coffee.  I add the vanilla creme though, and it’s like drinking hot chocolate but I feel more “adult”.  How did I not drink this before??

I like writing down these memories because one day I feel like I will forgot all of them, so it’s nice to reminisces about my youngin days and write these down so I can look back to this one day and be like, “That happened?  Really?”



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