My Thanksgiving Under the California Sun

I spent Thanksgiving at the Ritz Carlton buffet at Laguna Nigel with my mother.  Since we don’t have a big family, my mom doesn’t like to cook, and she would rather just spend some time with me.  Wait until you see the amazing food that I ate.

This was my view as I was eating.  It was so pretty see the ocean.  Only in California…

First plate.  Turkey and roast beef, and some ahi tuna and trout with cheese and crackers.

Second plate: The pasta was so good, and had this lovely squash in it.

Third plate: I honestly could not get enough of this roast beef.  The maple syrup squash was so delicious as well.

This was the desserts table.  It had to be in a whole different room.

Cake pops!

Rise crispies!

Apple strudel looking all cute!

Look at those cute chocolate pumpkin cupcakes!

I seriously have the biggest sweet tooth known to man.  This was spectacular  and it made me feel like I was in a Food Network kitchen.  Fourth plate: Isn’t that chocolate lolli pop so cute?  And the cake pop!

Fifth plate: I went back for more creme brule and homemade vanilla ice cream.  That funky thing is pumpkin pudding with a white chocolate stick.  With some bread pudding on the left.  When I was considering going for more dessert, my mom told me not too, but I am an adult now so I didn’t have to listen to her!

I am thankful for having a home, and for meeting new people in my life.  As well as realizing true friendships that stay with me even though we are miles away in college.



4 responses to “My Thanksgiving Under the California Sun

  1. You are making me homesick! I used to work for the Ritz Carlton… Thanks for sharing your yummy pictures!

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