Georgetown Cupcakes: Los Angeles Edition

I have this obsession with cupcakes.  Maybe not obsession, just more of a craving for anything sweet.  If you follow my blog, I have gone to basically all of the greatest cupcake places in Los Angeles.

Last year, my friend April and I got obsessed with this one show called “DC Cupcakes” from TLC.  We would watch it and laugh so hard at the main characters.  It turns out that they were opening the store in Beverly Hills! So of course, we had to go..


I have to tell you, this is probably one of the best cupcake places I have ever gone to.  The frosting was just so so delicious.  It wasn’t hard like Sprinkles, but just so melty and smooth and it was so deliciously sweet.  Maybe a little too sweet, but is there such thing?



It has a very clean, girly, and open vibe.  There were little tables and chairs, so it’s not cramped like the other cupcake stores in Beverly Hills.


All of the cupcakes were very simple, yet cute.  Not too overdone like Crumbs.


Here we are all outside of the shop.  I got a chocolate lava cupcake, April got a snowcone cupcake (vanilla with coconut), Kelcey got a gingerbread cupcake, and Kelly got a mint chocolate chip cupcake.DSC01097

This was April’s first bite into the cupcake.


This was after her bite. An actual candid moment.



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