Juice Cleanse??

So I first started off doing a juice cleanse, but let’s be real.  I need my food.  So then I added some oatmeal and fruit to the diet, and then by the end of the day, I needed an actual meal so I decided to incorporate food.  So this is my version of the “juice cleanse.”  Basically, I am not eating meat, any sweets,

I am doing this to:

  • develop a smaller stomach.  I want to get fuller faster, rather than keep eating.
  • not feel guilty eating and enjoying myself on Christmas and New Years.
  • lose weight (obviously, but I want to do this for reasons other than that)
  • IMG_4507


Breakfast: oatmeal and hot tea

Lunch: Pumpkin Smoothie (Jamba Juice)

Snack: Dried Mango, Popcorn

Dinner: Vegan cheese pizza with whole wheat dough, oatmeal, tea


Breakfast: oatmeal, tea

Lunch: 3 pieces of bread with vegan cheese

Snack: popcorn, died pineapples

Dinner: salad, fried rice, corn, dried peaches

Snack: corn soup, piece of bread



Breakfast: oatmeal, tea

Lunch: 3 pieces of bread with vegan cheese, tea

Snack: popcorn, dried pineapple, dried peaches

Dinner: zucchini, dried peaches, 3 pieces of bread with vegan cheese, oatmeal


Breakfast: oatmeal, tea

Lunch: 2 pieces of bread with vegan cheese, dried peaches

Snack: dried mangoes

Dinner: baked salmon roll, baked scallop roll, skinny mocha peppermint




Breakfast: oatmeal, tea

Lunch: mozzarella pizza with tomatoes

Snack: dried mangoes

Dinner: rice pilaf



Breakfast: Christmas blend coffee,

Lunch: salad, ham and swiss sandwich, apple

Snack: skinny peppermint mocha

Dinner: rice pilaf, popcorn

Honestly, I feel way lighter and I still feel somewhat bloated in the morning, but without all of the guilt.  My skin feels smooth and it has gotten easier to avoid sweets.  I just think to myself, “No I can’t have that” rather than just go for it and feel guilty while eating.

I can’t believe my 3 day cleanse turned into eating healthy for 6 days straight.  Yes, I did fail somewhat in not being able to do a juice cleanse and staying away from food, but instead, I did eat clean with somewhat of the same effect it would have had with a juice cleanse.

For Christmas tomorrow, I am going to splurge, but on the 26th, I am going to eat healthy again until New Years Day buffet at the Ritz with my mom.



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